natasha, 16, us
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97% tvd
3% this


gone girl
fringe (s5)
chasing life (s1)
finding carter (s1)
the mindy project (s1)

natasha, 16, us

98% tvd 2% milk

On fame: “People feel like they know you when you’re in their living room, weekly, for five years. But I always get uncomfortable when people know more about me than I know about them.”

anonymous asked: elena gilbert + autumn colours

Nina live from the set of The Vampire Diaries, July 21 (x)

I wanted to know the truth and I got it. It’s not just me that’s in danger. It’s Caroline and it’s Tyler and it’s Bonnie. They’re all part of breaking the curse. I can’t blame anyone else anymore because it’s not because you came into town or because you and I fell in love. That’s not why everyone that I love is in danger. It’s because of me, everything is because of me.

get to know me meme → favorite relationships
↳ delena[3/5]


i just heard a bouncing noise and then that was followed by my dad saying

"oh no my potato"


Ian Somerhalder at Fan Expo 2014 // Toronto (August 31, 2014)

The Vampire Diaries - TV Guide Magazine’s 2014 Comic-Con Special Edition


*bumps shoulders*